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When Desmond T. Doss joined the Army over 75 years ago, April 1, 1942, there was no way that he could have understood the positive influence that he would have on millions of people around the world and countless lives that were changed.  He could not have foreseen that in 3½ years, he would be standing on the White House lawn and have the President of the United States bestow on him the highest award that our country gives, The Medal of Honor. We wish to thank the Doss Council and Mel Gibson, Bill Mechanic along with the countless others who were involved in putting together a wholesome film that will be talked about for many years to come.

I first met Desmond Doss when he came to my elementary school when I was in the 3rd grade and he told the stories of Hacksaw Ridge and how God protected him.  I remember his stories of how the soldiers would throw their heavy Army boots at him when he knelt down to say his prayers at night before he went to bed and how he ended up saving their lives.  He was trying to teach us not to be afraid to stand up for what we believe.  He took the time to show us the double bowline knot that he used to save the lives of those 75 men that he lowered over Hacksaw Ridge.  Through the years, I have reflected back many times to that day when I first met Desmond T. Doss and the powerful influence he had not only influencing the direction of my life, but for influencing millions of other people’s lives.

This webpage is also dedicated to thanking our veterans who have done so much and received so little and providing them additional resources for receiving additional support and help.  Many veterans don’t know where to turn and we want to help them navigate that process and bring tools and resources that they did not know were even available on receiving their Title 38 Benefits and how to navigate that process.

This webpage offers special resources for veterans who are facing end of life and facing their final battle along with resources that can help their families.  Many people, including healthcare professionals are not aware of some of the unique needs that Veterans face at end of life and where to refer them for help.   We have partnered with a number of healthcare specialists and foundations including Brothers In Arms Worldwide and Sonoran Winds Hospice, to provide many resources including a special complimentary Memorial Websites for Veterans and their families, to give deserved recognition to each Veteran and share a story of a life well lived and well loved, and provide E-Bereavement resources to help their families heal after a loss. (download form).

This is a webpage dedicated to Desmond T. Doss and to veterans to ensure that they get the honor, quality care, thanks and access to the important resources as they face their final battle.   We were all born into this word crying, while others standing around were smiling, as a chaplain, it is my goal to LIVE LIKE DOSS and when my death hour comes, to be smiling and others standing around will be crying.

Chaplain Roger Rustad